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Welcome to Forethought!

Let’s talk Social Security

Simply Speaking: Social Security is now available to help you learn more about Social Security in simple language you can understand. The multimedia material covers the origins of the programs, how it works and the role it was intended to play in retirement.


With Simply Speaking, you get clear answers to complex questions, including:

  • Will Social Security be there when I need it?

  • How are benefits determined?

  • How can I make the most of the benefits available?

With a better understanding of this important component of your retirement, you can have a more informed conversation with your financial advisor about your options for a custom, comprehensive retirement strategy.


Forethought’s Simply Speaking series offers straightforward information on important financial topics, presented in plain English.



Whether you’re concerned about outliving your money, preserving a financial legacy, or the threat of long-term care expenses, an annuity from Forethought can help. Learn more about our annuities and how they can help you overcome the challenges you face in retirement.  


No one likes to think about death, but we all must face it. Forethought offers a variety of products and services to help you in planning for this eventuality to relieve your loved ones of the undue financial consequences.  


Annuities are issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company. Variable annuities are underwritten and distributed by Forethought Distributors, LLC.