Less risk. More protection.

Sometimes, you need to protect what you have. Depending on your needs, you may want to avoid risk – more specifically, market risk. A fixed annuity is a more conservative option that may help meet your objectives if you are:

  • Averse to market risk or already have all the risk exposure you want or need
  • Looking for a safe place with steady interest crediting that can convert your savings into an income stream for retirement
  • Concerned about the threat of long-term care expenses

Fixed annuities typically provide:

  • Competitive current interest rates
  • A guaranteed minimum interest rate
  • No stock market exposure
  • A variety of payout options for retirement income
  • A death benefit equal to the current contract value

A new generation of fixed annuities for the twenty-first century combines all of the above features with available benefits that provide additional value for long-term care protection, helping you avoid the financial devastation that can accompany a prolonged health crisis.

Available riders may enable your fixed annuity to provide supplemental benefits, as well, to help round out your retirement strategy.

Learn about Forethought’s two types of fixed annuities:

ForeCare℠ fixed annuity with long-term care benefits
SecureFore℠ series of traditional fixed annuities


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