Variable Annuity

ForeRetirement is available in three share classes, B, C and L. The share classes differ in the fees, duration of the surrender charge period and how the sales charges are structured.

ForeRetirement B-Share Overview 
ForeRetirement C-Share Overview 
ForeRetirement L-Share Overview

American Century

  • American Century VP Growth Fund
  • American Century VP Mid Cap Value Fund
  • American Century VP Value Fund

American Funds

  • American Funds Global Growth and Income Fund
  • American Funds Growth Fund
  • American Funds Growth-Income Fund
  • American Funds International Fund
  • American Funds New World Fund
  • American Funds Managed Risk Asset Allocation Fund


  • BlackRock Capital Appreciation V.I. Fund
  • BlackRock Equity Dividend V.I. Fund
  • BlackRock Global Allocation V.I. Fund
  • BlackRock High Yield V.I. Fund
  • BlackRock U.S. Government Bond V.I. Fund


  • FVIT American Funds® Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT Balanced Managed Risk Portfolio1
  • FVIT BlackRock Global Allocation Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT Franklin Dividend and Income Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT Growth Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT Moderate Growth Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT Select Advisor Managed Risk Portfolio
  • FVIT WMC Research Managed Risk Portfolio

Franklin Templeton

  • Franklin Income VIP Fund2
  • Franklin Rising Dividends VIP Fund3
  • Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund4
  • Franklin Strategic Income VIP Fund5
  • Franklin Mutual Shares VIP Fund6
  • Templeton Foreign VIP Fund7
  • Templeton Global Bond VIP Fund8
  • Templeton Growth VIP Fund9

Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs Global Markets Navigator Fund
  • Goldman Sachs Multi-Strategy Alternatives Portfolio
  • Goldman Sachs Strategic Income Fund


  • Hartford Capital Appreciation HLS Fund
  • Hartford Dividend and Growth HLS Fund
  • Hartford High Yield HLS Fund
  • Hartford Index HLS Fund
  • Hartford International Opportunities HLS Fund
  • Hartford Total Return Bond HLS Fund
  • Hartford Value HLS Fund


  • Invesco V.I. Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund
  • Invesco V.I. Core Equity Fund
  • Invesco V.I. International Growth Fund
  • Invesco V.I. Mid Cap Core Equity Fund
  • Invesco V.I. Money Market Fund
  • Invesco V.I. Small Cap Equity Fund

Lord Abbett

  • Lord Abbett Bond Debenture Portfolio
  • Lord Abbett Fundamental Equity Portfolio
  • Lord Abbett Growth Opportunities Portfolio


  • MFS® Growth Series
  • MFS® International Value Portfolio
  • MFS® Investors Trust Series
  • MFS® New Discovery Series
  • MFS® Value Series


  • PIMCO All Asset Portfolio
  • PIMCO EqS Pathfinder Portfolio
  • PIMCO Total Return Portfolio


  • Putnam VT Equity Income Fund
  • Putnam VT Income Fund
  • Putnam VT Voyager Fund

1Prior to April 30, 2014, the FVIT Index Managed Risk Fund was named FVIT Balanced Managed Risk Fund.

2Prior to May 1, 2014, the Franklin Income VIP Fund was named Franklin Income Securities Fund.

3Prior to May 1, 2014, the Franklin Rising Dividends VIP Fund was named Franklin Rising Dividends Securities Fund.

4Prior to May 1, 2014, the Franklin Small Cap Value VIP Fund was named Franklin Small Cap Value Securities Fund.

5Prior to May 1, 2014, the Franklin Strategic Income VIP Fund was named Franklin Strategic Income Securities Fund.

6Prior to May 1, 2014, the Franklin Mutual Shares VIP Fund was named Mutual Shares Securities Fund.

7Prior to May 1, 2014, the Templeton Foreign VIP Fund was named Templeton Foreign Securities Fund.

8Prior to May 1, 2014, the Templeton Global Bond VIP Fund was named Templeton Global Bond Securities Fund.

9Prior to May 1, 2014, the Templeton Growth VIP Fund was named Templeton Growth Securities Fund.

ForeRetirement variable annuities are issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company and are underwritten and distributed by Forethought Distributors, LLC.

The investment options listed have certain associated risks. For more information about these risks, and to learn more about each investment option’s investment objective, charges and expenses, please refer to the prospectus.

You can download electronic versions of the prospectus, statement of additional information, literature and more.

View the ForeRetirement Variable Annuity Prospectus for B, C and L shares

View the ForeRetirement underlying fund prospectuses


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