Medicare Supplement

Hospital and doctor bills, outstanding debts from credit cards or loans, legal and other unexpected expenses – on top of a funeral bill – can be costly. But when you leave loved ones, you don’t want to leave your debt to them, as well.

Many people are not even aware that there is a life insurance product designed specifically to help you address end-of-life needs, so your family doesn’t have to. Final expense is whole life insurance coverage for the various costs associated with your death and final obligations. It lets your family and friends focus on grieving and paying their respects, not paying bills.

There are plenty of expenses Medicare won’t cover, but a Medicare Supplement Insurance policy helps fill the gaps in your Original Medicare plan, such as coinsurance, copayments and deductibles. Some Medicare Supplement policies cover certain benefits not covered by Original Medicare. To qualify for Medicare Supplement Insurance, you must be eligible for Medicare Part B and covered under Part A. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

Finding the right Medicare Supplement plan is important. We offer five plans, through a national network of independent agents, from which you can select coverage that best meets your needs. We offer plans that help pay your Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs and your Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayments, and charges not covered by Original Medicare.

Other Medicare Supplement benefits include:

  • Benefits paid to you, your hospital or doctor
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable

To learn more about Medicare Supplement Insurance offered by Forethought, please contact us at final.expense@forethought.com for an agent in your area.


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*The ability to qualify for state and/or federal public assistance programs IS NOT guaranteed. Any determination as to whether or not the policy will count as a resource will depend upon the applicant’s specific set of facts at the time of application for assistance as well as the judgment of the particular caseworker who is handling the application.

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