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ForeCareSM Fixed Annuity


Buyers Guide to Fixed Deferred Annuities


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If you are using the ForeCare Calculator here are some helpful terms and definitions.

Client Information

Todays Funds:

How much you have set aside for your fixed annuity

Cost Basis:

The adjusted value of your existing contract, after gains or losses

Pages to Print

Pension Protection Act:

Established in 2006, the PPA offers tax-free benefits for long term care expenses

Split Ticket:

Using part of your money to fund a secondary investment, like a CD, another fixed annuity or a money market account

The Facts:

Explanation of time horizon a CD and fixed annuity would take to reach coverage you get day one with ForeCare

Client Assumptions

CD Rate:

Your current CD rate, typically between 0.25-1.00%

Fixed Annuity

Your current annuity rate, typically between 2.00-3.00%

Split Ticket

ForeCare Annuity Deposit:

Enter how much you plan to invest in your ForeCare contract

Other Investment Deposit:

This value will default to the difference between "Today's Funds" and the amount you plan to invest in ForeCare

Assumed Rate:

Enter the rate at which you assume this investment will grow