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SecureFore™ Fixed Annuity Series

The SecureFore series is designed to help you add even more stability and predictability to your fixed annuity strategy by locking in the current crediting rate for an initial period:

  • SecureFore 7 offers you the choice of a three-, five- or seven-year rate guarantee
  • SecureFore 5 provides a five-year rate guarantee
  • SecureFore 3 provides a three-year rate guarantee

With a guarantee in place on the interest rate for this set period, you have a greater degree of certainty.

The SecureFore series provides:

  • A guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate
  • Access to your money with up to 10% allowed to be withdrawn free of charge each year during the surrender charge period, starting in the second year
  • Full accessibility without penalty after the surrender charge period, which is seven years on SecureFore 7, five years on SecureFore 5, and three years on SecureFore 3

SecureFore 7 features a Surrender Charge Waiver that terminates the surrender charge period if the interest crediting falls below a specified Surrender Charge Waiver Rate. If you elect the three- or five-year initial guaranteed rate period, the Surrender Charge Waiver Rate provision allows the contract value to be withdrawn with no withdrawal charge if after the initial guaranteed rate period the renewal rate of interest credited on the contract falls below the Surrender Charge Waiver Rate. The Surrender Charge Waiver provision is not applicable for the seven-year initial guaranteed rate period.

When choosing your SecureFore 7 initial guaranteed rate period of three-, five-, or seven-years, you should consult your financial professional to determine the appropriate trade-off between rate certainty and longer-term rate certainty and higher initial rates, given your particular needs.

To find out more about multi-year guarantee fixed annuities offered by Forethought Life Insurance Company, talk with your financial representative.


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