Why Forethought

We know you’re thinking ahead…

Will I outlive my savings?
How will I mitigate the financial threat of a catastrophic health event?
Will I have enough savings to retire?
How can I manage my end-of-life needs?

So we are too. Forethought is focused on delivering targeted financial products to solve specific needs of the senior middle market. As you head into retirement, we are here to help you solve real life challenges.

Our Promises

Each life insurance policy and annuity contract we issue is treated as an individual promise to the customer. We’re not stocking shelves and filling warehouses. We’re keeping promises.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted and respected provider of sound financial solutions for senior middle market customers through strategic distribution alliances, which creates profitable growth and long-term value for stakeholders.

Our Values

We do what’s right, even if it’s not what’s easy.


People want and deserve to be treated with respect.


Discipline, financial and otherwise, we stay true to our values.


Truth takes honesty and open dialogue.


It’s more than a name, it’s our way of doing business – always thinking ahead.



Our Products

When we design a product, we start with our customers and ask, what would make a real difference in your financial well-being? And we work with our distributors to find where we can add value. Initially this was by helping people save their families from financial hardship at a time of emotional stress with our end-of-life products and services. We then recognized the growing challenges facing today’s retirees, so we entered the annuity market with fixed and fixed index annuities, and we developed an innovative fixed annuity with long-term care benefits. Most recently, we launched variable annuities, filling a growing void in the market for these important retirement products.


Our People

Our people set us apart. Not just who they are – experienced, dedicated financial services professionals, but how they interact with each other and with you – our distributors and customers. Our culture is collegial and responsive, not weighed down by bureaucracy. Through mutual respect for each other, our customers and distributors, we are able to achieve more in less time. We want Forethought to be more than a company people “do business with.” We want to be a company people want to do business with.

A promise to you, products that resonate, financial strength and people who exemplify real values.